Beethoven - Concerto In D Major For Piano & Orch Op.61

-10% Beethoven - Concerto In D Major For Piano & Orch Op.61
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Beethoven, Ludwig vanConcerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra in D major op. 61 after the Violin Concerto- High quality Bärenreiter Urtext edition- Urtext solo piano part and an additional piano part with fingering- New kind of presentation of the piano reduction incorporating solo piano parts as customary in the 19 th century   After attending the premiere of Beethoven’s stately concerto for violin and orchestra Muzio Clementi approached the composer and requested the work in a transcription for piano and orchestra; his wish was fulfilled in 1807 providing us with not just an alternative version of the composition but also one with authentic cadenzas which Beethoven had not written for the Violin Concerto! This version has waited a long time to be properly edited after the existing sources and the famed Beethoven scholar Jonathan Del Mar has done just that!Working with all known sources, Del Mar finally presents us with Beethoven’s solo piano articulation and dynamics and Beethoven’s cadenzas. And, for the first time we now have clarity regarding the meaning of Beethoven’s Solo and Tutti markings.All in all, a groundbreaking scholarly critical edition; a “must“ for every pianist, every orchestra and every music library.The piano reduction will be presented in a new format:As customary in the 19 th century there will be a solo piano part containing tutti passages, cues and the piano solo. This part will be inserted – as with string and wind concertos – in the piano reduction. This affords the soloist sensible page turns and offers the possibility to lead the ensemble from the piano. The piano reduction will include the reduction of the orchestral score as well as the solo piano part above it in small print.